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Taiwan's leading employers trust us to deliver fast, efficient hiring solutions that are tailored to their exact requirements. Browse our range of bespoke services and resources.

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The importance of mental health strategies in attracting top talent

Public awareness of mental health is an increasingly prominent topic, with an onus placed on employers to take the initiative to support their staff in this area.

Our latest whitepaper, The Importance of Mental Health Strategies in Attracting Top Talent, explores the approaches employers are using to support the mental health and wellbeing of staff and how hiring managers can emphasise their commitment to mental wellbeing during the recruitment process.

The importance of mental health strategies in attracting top talent chapters include:

  • Changing attitudes to mental health at work
  • The importance of supporting mental health and wellbeing among staff
  • Effective strategies for supporting mental health at work
  • Promoting mental health policies when recruiting
  • Securing staff with mental health exercise
  • Partnering with mental health organisations
  • The challenges of addressing mental health at work

Professionals place a high value on mental wellbeing strategies when looking for a role

Our research showed that 88% of professionals consider the mental health and wellbeing strategies offered by their employer to be important when searching for a role.

The findings also revealed that hiring managers seriously underestimate how important the mental health policies of an employer are when choosing a role. Just 42% believed that their mental health strategies would be important to candidates when considering a new job. 

Employers recognise the value of mental wellbeing, but few have a dedicated strategy

93% of employers and 85% professionals agree that employees are more effective in their role when they feel that their mental health and wellbeing is supported at work. In addition, 86% of employers believe that effective mental health strategies can lead to fewer staff absences due to illness and 63% believe that staff collaborate better.

However, despite the recognition of the benefits, just 51% of employers currently have a mental health policy in place.

Promoting your mental wellbeing strategies

The survey showed that almost two thirds (64%) of professionals found it difficult to find information about the mental wellbeing strategies offered by employers.

Employers had few channels in place to help potential employees learn about their mental wellbeing policy. Just 12% made this information available on their website and 66% only communicate these strategies internally.

Finding staff with mental health expertise

While employers show a desire to develop mental wellbeing strategies, just 6% are actively recruiting staff with mental health training and expertise.

In addition, among professionals who possess mental health training, only 9% said that they felt that their skills in this area were being used effectively. 


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