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Taiwan's leading employers trust us to deliver fast, efficient hiring solutions that are tailored to their exact requirements. Browse our range of bespoke services and resources.

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"Partnering to find a professional with a passion for pets"

For Tomofun, a pioneering startup based in Taiwan that specialises in AIoT pet technology, the pursuit of the perfect talent was anything but ordinary. Tomofun was not simply seeking professional expertise; they were on a quest to find 'furry friend fans' who shared their unwavering passion for pets and a culture of innovation.

Cecilia Ho, Global HR Associate Director at Tomofun, shared her experience: " One of our most recent challenges revolved around finding a Product Design Manager who not only possessed professional expertise but also shared the same affection for pets that defines Tomofun's core. This is where Robert Walters, my trusted recruitment partner for many years, came in to facilitate the connection for us."

Cecilia's partnership with Robert Walters began during her tenure at a previous company, but it truly flourished when she joined the Tomofun family. At Tomofun, they are dedicated to aligning not just qualifications but also personality traits and cultural fit during their hiring process.

"Tomofun's mission goes beyond technology – it's about igniting boundless joy and innovation in the hearts of pet owners worldwide. Our candidates need to embrace this vision and share our enthusiasm for pets, infusing our candidate search with a unique dimension," Cecilia stressed.

In 2023, the tide turned when Dammy Liu, Principal Consultant at Robert Walters, discovered a candidate who not only possessed the required skills but is also a cat-lover. It was a serendipitous match that set the path forward.

Dammy skillfully explained Tomofun's dedicated focus on professional skills and pet experience. The candidate's interest in the role and Tomofun's culture blossomed.

What truly sets Robert Walters Taiwan apart is their profound understanding of the talent market. They provided us with invaluable insights on which skills to prioritise, ensuring that both resumes and assessments met our exceptionally high standards. Their hands-on approach to interview preparation and timely sharing of crucial information were instrumental.

“Dammy ensured that the candidate stayed in constant alignment regarding expectations and compatibility with the team. What's particularly noteworthy is Dammy's emphasis on Tomofun's team culture, product values, and the candidate's potential for growth within the organisation. This guidance played a pivotal role in the candidate's confident decision-making process, especially in the face of multiple competing offers."

Looking back on this talent acquisition journey, Cecilia emphasised the crucial role played by Dammy. “Robert Walters' unique blend of market insights, candidate-focused support, and unwavering dedication to excellence ensured that we didn't merely bring new hires on board; we uncovered individuals who are poised to grow alongside our organisation."

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