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Should I stay or should I go?

Before you make a decision and quit your job, here are some of the things you may want to consider.

7 ways to stand out from the crowd

You’re a great candidate for that role – but you’re not the only one. Take inspiration from these stories of candidates who’ve gone the extra mile to win over an employer…

How to write a cover letter

A great cover letter will ensure your application gets noticed. Make sure you stand out from the crowd by reading our top tips.

4 steps to prepare the best you for job interviews

Once you manage to get past the gatekeepers and have the opportunity to land that job you’ve been looking for, what can you do to ensure you nail your interview?

Looking for a technology job? Top tips to make you stand out from the crowd

No one can refute the importance of performing well at interview. However, in a competitive technology job market you'll need to really stand out from the crowd to get the best job. Here are our top tips by our Technology recruitment specialist Linva.
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Feel like a fraud at work? – How to deal with imposter syndrome

Do you have a nagging worry that you don’t deserve the job you’re in and any day now you’re going to be outed as a fraud in your workplace? You’re not alone. Read our top tips on spotting the signs of imposter syndrome and how to deal with it…

#PressforProgress – Can flexible hours help you achieve work-life balance?

Flexible hours can offer working women a solution to the challenges that come with work-life balance. On this International Women’s Day, Josephine Chen is sharing how flexible hours can help.

5 reasons to job search in December

It’s easy to assume December isn’t the best time of year to search for a new job. Here are five reasons to start your search now instead of waiting until the new year:

How to use your personal brand statement effectively to differentiate yourselves

You have got your killing personal brand statement, how should you maximise it to make sure you differentiate yourself from the others and win your dream job? Read this article to find out.