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Taiwan's leading employers trust us to deliver fast, efficient hiring solutions that are tailored to their exact requirements. Browse our range of bespoke services and resources.

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''A career is a canvas waiting to be painted"

Along the winding path of his career, Jeffrey Tsai, now a distinguished Operations Director at the international company Schunk Xycarb, has encountered remarkable vistas after every twist and turn. Jeffrey's professional journey is nothing short of extraordinary. His story is full of unexpected turns – a decade of international endeavors, a return to his homeland in Taiwan, and embarking on another international career adventure.

In 2014, Jeffrey, equipped with over a decade of rich international work experience, returned to Taiwan to assist with a special project for his former employer in the United States, involving the establishment of a new manufacturing facility. However, when the project reached its conclusion, Jeffrey found himself at a crossroads, considering his next steps.

"For me, the most important aspect of work is finding the right stage, a platform where I can leverage my years of experience and expertise. Hence, after the completion of the US manufacturing project, I started pondering on where my next career stage should be."

It was at this juncture that a phone call from Ruby Lin at Robert Walters Taiwan, changed the course of Jeffrey's international career, offering him an interview opportunity for the role of Operation Director at Schunk Xycarb's new facility in Suzhou, China. 

"I am truly grateful to Ruby. She not only understood the professional skills and industry experience represented in my resume but also delved deeper into my career aspirations and desires. This personal touch was truly invaluable to me." 
Why would he willingly forsake a stable job opportunity in Taiwan and return to the rigors of an international career? When confronted with this core question, Jeffrey candidly remarked, "A new factory is not just about the 0-to-1 process during its establishment; the subsequent operations are equally crucial. I believed my experience from the past decade could make a positive impact and bring about positive change. This, in turn, granted me a profound sense of accomplishment. Of course, the support of my family was the most critical factor. With their encouragement, I could confidently embark on this international career once again."

However, Jeffrey understood that even with years of extensive experience, the path to a career change is not without its challenges. Schunk Xycarb, a Dutch company, has a unique corporate culture deeply ingrained in its DNA, requiring Jeffrey to adjust and adapt. But just as he embraced challenges, the prospect of a new company and culture was an exhilarating signal for him.

With her proactive attitude and professional competence, Ruby found the perfect role for me and opened the door to my international career. She is the career partner I trust in every career change I make.

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