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Six top tips to master Skype interviews

Web-based interviews are on the rise, making it more important than ever for candidates to be able to do interview comfortably over Skype. For interviewing with hiring managers based in other cities or even overseas headquarter, Skype interview even becomes inevitable.

Taiwan tech talent in high demand in 2019 led by digital innovations

Entering 2019, we expect Taiwan will move towards an even more candidate driven market across all sectors as the economic situation and export performance stay positive.

5 expert tips for your next IT interview

The tech industry is an exciting area to work in but getting the interview right can be a challenge for even the best candidates. We asked our experts to share their advice to help you succeed in your next IT interview.

5 tips for female leaders

For women looking to put their talent to the greatest use and develop their careers, we suggest developing these five habits.

4 tips to reinvent your career

Reinventing your career can lead to true enrichment and self-actualisation. In order to reinvent yourself, and open up a new path in your life or career, follow these key tips.

4 tips for second interviews

For second interviews, the key thing is to be well prepared, alert and ready to talk about yourself, your career and most importantly, what you could bring to the organisation.

4 tips to future proof your marketing career

This article explores how you can future proof your marketing career to ensure that your experience is up to date when considering your next career move in an ever evolving industry.

The guide to your next phone interview

What can you do to approach this task confidently? Ensure you review potential questions the hiring manager is likely to ask to give you a head start.

Bad interview first impressions – and how to avoid them

Making a good first impression can determine your interview success. Read why it’s so important and how to avoid bad interview first impressions.