A guide to recruiting and motivating the best talent for local companies going global

Local companies in Taiwan are pressing ahead with moving beyond the domestic market and growing their operations overseas. These are exciting prospects, but they are not without their challenges, not least the need for businesses to recruit and retain the international talent they need to develop their international footprint and keep one step ahead of the competition. They face constant competition in attracting the best people, not just from foreign companies investing in Taiwan, but from other Asian countries as well.

Our latest whitepaper, A guide to recruiting and motivating the best talent for local companies going global identifies and analyses the human resources challenges faced by local companies in Taiwan when they are growing internationally. We also hear from international talent about their experiences and opinions on working for local businesses, and recommend measures employers can take to optimise their ability to attract and motivate the best people.

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Key findings:

  • 91% of local companies in Taiwan stated they plan to internationalise their businesses in the coming three years.
  • 68% of local firms stated the recruitment of international talent is somewhat to very important to help them expand internationally.

  • 65% of international talent rank local corporate culture as the top reason why they enjoy working in local firms.

  • 50% of local companies in Taiwan hire talent based on referrals.

  • Only 12% of local companies in Taiwan train their hiring managers in international talent attraction.