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Sharon Chen is the manager of the Sales and Marketing division in Robert Walters Taiwan. She's been at the Taiwan office since the opening. In this interview, Sharon shares her journey in Robert Walters and how it’s like working in the Taiwan office.

Why did you choose Robert Walters?

When Robert Walters entered the Taiwan market seven years ago, I'd already heard from my acquaintances that it's a world-renowned professional recruitment firm with special emphasis on employee competency training and development. For example, newly recruited consultants get to practice sales and recruitment skills through role-playing, and senior recruitment consultants receive one-on-one simulation training on negotiation and communication skills. Also, management-level employees receive tailored management (e.g. train-the-trainers) training.

At the time, I had already some experience working in the customer service and sales departments of hotels and financial industry companies. My clients were mostly HR departments or high-net-worth investors of large companies. Considering the connections accumulated from previous jobs, the ability to transfer my skills and knowledge and an international platform that would enhance my career development, I finally decided to join Robert Walters.

When I first joined, the Taiwan office had only got six employees. After several years of hard work, we gradually established a solid reputation in the Taiwan market through gaining customers’ trust and recognition. I have to say that personally I’m growing with the company as well!

What do you enjoy about being a professional recruiter?

First of all, I enjoy the sense of autonomy and responsibility that comes from arranging my own time and work schedule. I remember one time our manager told us to start developing our business in the FMCG industry. Instead of giving explicit directions, he put faith in us and gave us room to work out our own plan. My plan was to list the top 20 FMCG brands in Taiwan and then pitch Robert Walters to them one by one – and I achieved my goal in developing relationships with them! In other words, I would say our company resembles a big stage with the resources and support you need to enhance work efficiency and to allow employees to realise their full potential with much flexibility.

In addition, I enjoy communicating with people very much. Recruitment allows me to leverage my interest into a career. I communicate with different customers every day, and that always keeps me enthusiastic about my job. For me, recruiting is not only about transactions, it is about building trusting relationship with clients, understanding their needs and establishing a cooperative relationship based on mutual trust.

How’s the culture in the Robert Walters Taiwan office?

The DNA of the Taiwan office is built on “mutual respect”, “fair competition” and “transparency”. We're willing to help each other and this solidarity spirit not only enhances the company's strength, market position and business development, but it also boosts our competitive advantage.

Robert Walters has a highly transparent and fair promotion system, taking the next step is solely based on our performance. It also places great emphasis on teamwork and has an open corporate culture, which has increased our loyalty and cohesiveness toward the company.

How's your career advancement like after joining?

I was promoted to senior consultant in less than two years, and I'm now a department manager. I'm very grateful for the company's appreciation and affirmation of my constant efforts. As a department manager, I'm dedicated to lead my fellow team members and deliver productive efficiency.


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