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7 ways to stand out from the crowd

You’re a great candidate for that role – but you’re not the only one. Take inspiration from these stories of candidates who’ve gone the extra mile to win over an employer…

5 questions you should ask your interviewer

Here are five questions you may want to consider asking the hiring manager who is conducting your next interview.

How to write a cover letter

A great cover letter will ensure your application gets noticed. Make sure you stand out from the crowd by reading our top tips.
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Researching a company prior to your technology interview

Researching the company you have an interview with is vital to assess whether the role is gong to be the right fit for you.

Six ways to turn a job rejection to your advantage

No one enjoys getting turn down for a job, but with the right mindset, you can turn the experience into a career development opportunity.

Top 10 tips to structure your CV

Read our top tips to structure your CV and make sure it stands out for the next role you apply for.

How to ask for more money with confidence

A woman’s guide in getting a pay rise – read this interview with the experts in the market.
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How to ensure your first impression last in a job interview

In this article, John Winter, General Manager of Robert Walters Taiwan, will discuss what you could do to maximise your interview opportunity and make a strong start.

Taiwan tech talent in demand – salary increments up to 20% in 2018

The ‘Asian Silicon Valley’ plan is expected to further drive demand for tech talent in Taiwan in 2018, read this article to find out the salary increments and talent in demand.